Fair. Efficient. Innovative.

Judge Jason B. Thompson has dedicated his career to the law and to Fayette County. Prior to serving as a prosecutor, municipal court judge, and magistrate judge, Judge Thompson’s law practice focused on serving individuals and small family-owned businesses. His passion is helping others.

Fairness to all

If you ask Judge Thompson, he will tell you the duties of a trial judge are simple:

1) Treat everyone fairly.

2) Treat everyone with respect.

3) Follow the law.

Judge Thompson’s involvement with our students is unparalleled. He has visited every school in our community to teach children of all ages civics, branches of the government, and that “actions have consequences”. He regularly volunteers his time to work with students and mentor them.Efficient.During Judge Thompson’s tenure in State Court, each year he has resolved record-breaking number of cases without creating any backlog. Currently, Judge Thompson presides of twice as many cases as any other State Court Judge before him. Through efficient use of courtroom time, all cases are reached quickly with no delay.


Among Judge Thompson’s major initiatives have been the creation of the judicial circuit’s first DUI Court and a partnership with the Fayette County Board of Education creating internships for our high school students. The DUI Court program is an accountability court that has saved the taxpayers of Fayette County over $100,000.00 since its inception while also helping those with serious substance abuse issues. The internship program has created opportunities for our local students interested in law, criminal justice, and law enforcement.

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